about us

zwalfred Hollsteiner
the reverend
vocals and bass,

schorsch heimlich
furry schorsch
vocals and guitar, banjo, mandolin, 

Karl not marx
the don
vocals and hootenanny
that plings and plongs, rattles or hums

dr. heinz doofenschmirtz
herr doktor
vocals and guitars,
broken heart

the hague
the netherlannds

good ol’ garage skiffle

broken glass and stains of the past!

being a small time crook is all about music, comittment

and brotherhood!

The Small Time Crooks played all over the Netherlands from festivals like Pophotspot zomer festival, Paaspop and Lowlands.

But they also play small bars and if you ask them nicely they will play your BBQ or even liven up

your wedding....

The music of Small Crooks is a high-energy blend of the vintage and the modern. Their style incorporates elements of hot jazz, rhythm & blues, tin-pan alley, and western swing. And their vocal harmonies recall       20s and 30s groups like the Mills Brothers.
Small Time Crooks is a band of hot, raucous, retro swing is fast becoming an underground sensation.


       They have got a must see show!!

                         Some say:
              “Terrifically entertaining!” 


can we get a 
hell yeah!

find us on facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Small-Time-Crooks/125754214115216